Astrophel Finance

Astrophel finance is a utility token created on the Binance Smart Chain. It revolves around space and the solar system planets. The project's main purpose is not only for it's loyal supporters prosperity but it is also about supporting the solar system's and cosmos's in general exploration and overall education on this department, let that be upcoming space organizations or schools and similar institutions who lack money on this specific sector. There is an NFT collection with passive income implementation for the holders of these NFTs. There is also a staking platfrom where the users are able to stake their tokens for extra passive income! More utilities will be implemented as the project grows stronger! Keep scrolling further down to find more information about the project.

Project AstroNomics

Tokenomics of the project have been carefully distributed and been setup in a way to be fair for everyone and looking ahead at the future of the project as well. As you can see below with further details.

Liquidity Pool
Private Sale

What is our Roadmap

  • Project's Stage 1 includes:

    - Website and whitepaper release

    - Successful launch of the project on the BSC

    - 700 Astrophel NFT's made public for minting

    - Organic growth and marketing (mainly on TG) so everyone is introduced to the project

    - 500+ TG members

  • Project's Stage 2 includes:

    - Staking platfrom release

    - More marketing campaigns (twitter reddit etc)

    - Competitions for the community and TG members to earn

    - 1000+ TG members

  • Project's Stage 3 includes:

    - Staking utility and NFT's armonically working together helping the project to keep on growing

    - Listings on Coingecko and Coinmarketcap

    - 2000+ TG members

  • Project's Stage 4 includes:

    - 5000+ TG members

    - listings on small exchanges

    - Official Astrophel finance wallet application development

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NFT Collection

Some of the available NFTs